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As a professional CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and design company, we create technical design documents that accurately reflect the engineering design intent using your company's standards.  If your company has little in the way of standards, 3RDi also offers services aimed at strengthening your brand by creating purpose built templates and CAD routines designed to capture efficiencies and make your technical drawing submission sets more professional and consistent in form and function. Whether local or remote, give us a call, and see what 3RDi can do for you.

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Founder and President, 3RDi LLC


"I've dedicated my professional career to CAD drafting and design. I've worked in many disciplines, and have experienced many of the issues that CAD can throw at you in a production setting.  I am a problem solver."

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Greg Hatchette is a CAD design professional with 21 years of experience, starting in 1997 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and continuing in the Washington, DC area for a number of telecom and civil engineering firms until the Summer of 2018, when he and his family moved to Fairfield, Iowa, where 3RDi LLC was created.


3RDi offers a full range of CAD Design services, and we don't shy away from new tasks and new challenges.  If you have an idea, let us know what you're thinking and we will help you tackle it.

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Architectural Plan



For an hourly rate, 3RDi will perform production design drafting services in support of your project.




For an hourly rate, 3RDi will create a full suite of civil 3D styles that can match your current civil linetypes and symbols, or help you forge a fresh new look for your plans. We can work with your existing CTB files to ensure the styles plot as you expected.

Blueprint Design



For an hourly rate, 3RDi can help wrangle your CAD standards, details, drawing indexes, create smart blocks, create multileaders, and give you a template drawing that leads to conformity of your product and allow you to capture efficiences by standardizing your CAD product.


Thank you for your interest in 3RDi. For any inquiries,  please use this form to get in touch, or reach out and call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

107 1/2 South Main Street
Fairfield, IA 52556

(641) 919-1018

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